What’s the opposite of a green thumb? Well, whatever it is, I have it. I’ve never had a way with plants. After managing to kill bamboo, I resigned myself to a life devoid of gardening. I would live in a sky-scraping apartment in a sprawling city with no land to call my own. That all changed with this basil plant.

This little thing won’t stop growing. I confess, I’ve been extra diligent in monitoring its health because of this pesto recipe. It’s absolutely fantastic and could not be easier to make. I love going outside and picking the ingredients right off the stem.

Pesto is so versatile. This would be delicious spread on a french baguette with sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. I’ve been eating mine with whole wheat pasta, sauteed zucchini, and tofu. A little bit goes a long way.

The Perfect Pesto


1/2 cup olive oil

1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

3 medium garlic cloves, peeled

2 cups fresh basil leaves

3 tablespoons pine nuts

salt and pepper, to taste


Place all the ingredients, except salt and pepper, into a blender or food processor. Blend on medium-high speed for 1 minute. Scrape down the bowl if necessary. Season with salt and pepper.

Yields: 1 1/2 cups (enough to cover one pound of pasta)

Source: Vitamix