Lanvin‘s fall combination of the floppy hat, cape, and loafer is my fall jam. It’s so… mysterious. I have the black floppy hat; and I have the loafers. The cape eludes me.

I say, “To Cape or Not to Cape?” because they have their pros and cons.

(J. Crew cape)

Pros: Instant chicness. Hides your food baby. Eliminates need to decide on a top. You’re basically a fashion superhero.

Cons: Cannot wear a bag crossbody (I’ve done it. Such a fail.) You may look pregnant. Exposed arms in the cold, therefore you will need to plan a top accordingly. Might experience difficulty reaching objects on high shelves.

Oh cape, you had me at hides food babies. Now to find an affordable one…

Loft and J. Crew have eerily similar capes. Both are camel colored with darker trim, but one is $90 cheaper. If you’re looking to add a cape to your wardrobe, I recommend looking at Loft.

Can you think of any other cape cons? It’s a fun game.