I would move to Paris in a heartbeat just to eat macarons and pain au chocolat everyday. In June, I traveled to Paris for the first time. It was even more beautiful than I had dreamed, and I suffer from creating high expectations.

One of my favorite days in Paris began with Breakfast at the Eiffel Tower. Sorry Audrey, but Tiffany’s cannot compare with croissants at the Parisian symbol. Look at the butter stains on that bag! You should have seen the napkin. I think it was translucent.

As much as I enjoy creating my favorite foods from scratch, I believe some things are better left to the professionals. From my time working at Williams-Sonoma, I managed to use my discount to purchase just about everything. One of my favorite finds is the chocolate croissants.

They arrive frozen. Rise overnight. Bake in 12 minutes.

And taste just like Paris. These make a great gift (for yourself too). Now if I could find an economical macaron alternative…

Any foods you think are better left to the professionals?