Did you know that the city of Savannah has 22 park squares? Each one is different. Some are surrounded by perfectly quaint Southern houses or beautiful white churches. Others feature fountains or Revolutionary War hero monuments or obelisks in the center. But something they all have in common is the towering oak trees covered in eerily layered moss.

Savannah is a beautiful city, much more so than I had anticipated. The green space is abundant and the history is palpable. Yet, the city feels far from old. The influence of a thriving art culture (helped by Savannah College of Art & Design) is apparent. Student artwork lines the walls of coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques. The city also attracts a wide array of tourists. Groups of women are touring Juliette Gordon Low’s birthplace (the founder of Girl Scouts). Couples are indulging in the queen of butter, Miss Paula Deen’s, Lady & Sons. It’s a great place to take a relaxing vacation. Everything is within walking distance.

Keep reading to experience some of my favorite visual pieces of the city.

I had so much fun photographing Savannah! I hope this gives you a small taste of how gorgeous the city is.

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