My last two visits to Boston were disasters. The first was a college tour trip gone wrong. The restaurants I had wanted to go to ended up being closed (it was a Sunday) and driving through the illogical city was stress-inducing and time-consuming. My second was two summers ago. I was met with highs in the low 60’s and rain upon rain all week long. Boston made it up to me this weekend. The weather was beautiful allowing my friends and I soak up more of the city than my previous trips had allowed.

Four highlights.

1. Running the BAA Half Marathon with my old running buddy. I can’t wait to see the official photos which will hopefully include our sprint race to the finish.

2. The gorgeous weather.

3. New omelet ideas from a delicious brunch at the vegetarian diner, Veggie Galaxy. The first (and best)- sweet potato mash, grilled leek, Vermont goat cheese, balsamic reduction. The second (also good)- chipotle black beans, roasted red pepper puree, Vermont jack cheese, sweet corn, shallot, & apple salsa.

4. Finding Emma’s bow blouse on sale at Anthropologie and learning my birthday discount could be used on top of the 25% off sale.

The only low point would be the endless rolling hills during the race. My quads are still feeling them!