If I had to pick a signature item that I always seem to be drawn to, I would choose a striped tee. Stripes are the quintessential Parisian chic. Everywhere I went in Paris, women in striped tees ate outside quaint cafes looking so perfectly French.

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Horizontal stripes are clouded under the belief that they’re unflattering. I disagree, especially as a top. My Rag & Bone striped t-shirt (similar to the second look above) is one of my favorite garments. It’s a hearty tee, unlike tissue tees which seem to have invaded the market. Sweaters, like the Stella McCartney fourth look, can also be a great way to incorporate stripes. Striped dresses might not be for the faint of heart, but throwing a cardigan over can help minimize the lines.

Stripes are a classic look that withstands trends. If ever in doubt, wear your stripes in Paris and you’ll blend in perfectly.