Now that we’ve turned the clocks back, the evenings have become shorter. All I want to do is curl under a blanket with my favorite indulgence of the colder seasons: hot chocolate. I’m not talking Nestle mixes or cocoa powder. I drink the real deal.

From my days at Williams Sonoma, I became hooked on their holiday hot chocolates. Made with Guittard shaved chocolate, the drinks are joy in a cup. I still religiously stalk their website and enjoy the catalogs like cookware bibles. Imagine my elation when I saw they had added a new flavor, and not just any flavor, SALTED CARAMEL.

It’s strange. I’m not a huge caramel person but add the word salted and I treat it like crack. One of my all-time favorite desserts is the Salted Caramel Budino at Barbuzzo in Philadelphia. This hot chocolate brings back fond memories of that. The perfect balance of salty, sweet, and chocolatey.

Best served with whipped cream!

How do you like your hot chocolate?