I just made a list of all the food I want to blog about and wow, it’s long. I forgot I ate that much.

New York is famous for a few cuisines. Since I grew up outside of Chicago, I don’t see the allure of the pizza as much as I do for the bagel. I really didn’t start eating bagels until college.

I understand now. New York bagels aren’t chewy. They’re a bit crispy on the outside and perfectly soft inside. The homemade cream cheese spreads are whipped and flavored expertly.

Where to get bagels: Murray’s Bagels– 242 8th Ave.

The friend I stayed with (who also happens to be an excellent foodie) resides in the perfect Chelsea location– one block from Chelsea Market. It’s like a shopping mall for delicious food.

If you’re in New York, stop by and get a brownie sample at Fat Witch or drool over milkshakes at Milk Bar. We ended up getting some pre-brunch bread twists, which were to-die-for!

Where to get bread: Amy’s Bread– 75 9th Ave.

We highly recommend the Organic Whole Wheat, Oat, Pecan, and Golden Raisin twist. You can also watch the bakers at work right next door.

Check back tomorrow for even more food!