I told you I’d be at Laduree! I did not expect to be there as long as I was. There was a line, a long line. However, the wait was totally worth it. Even when tourists walked by and asked, “What are you waiting for?… What are macarons?… Why are you waiting for macarons?”

The seasonal flavor is Cinnamon Raisin and it’s amazing. I also enjoyed Pistachio, Coffee, Orange Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, and Lemon. Yes, I ate 8 of them.

Okay, I ate 9! You got me. Bouchon Bakery had pumpkin flavored ones, and I eat everything that’s pumpkin flavored.

It wasn’t Laduree, but it was pretty delicious. My friend got the cranberry one which was actually even better.

Where to get macarons: Laduree– 864 Madison Avenue

Where to get holiday flavored macarons: Bouchon Bakery– 10 Columbus Circle

I love watching that Food Network show “Best Thing I Ever Ate.” On the sweets version, I saw a segment on Doughnut Plant in NY and I knew I had to go. Peanut Butter and Jelly doughnuts? Carrot Cake doughnuts? Y-U-M.

The cake doughnuts were amazing! I ate a Salted Peanut one and tried the Tres Leches. Sadly, Carrot Cake was sold out. I’ll just have to go back!

Where to get donuts: Doughnut Plant– 220 West 23rd St.

Also, I’m a bad blogger. I ate a Red Velvet Twinkie and consumed it without photographing all its delicious glory. I’m going to trust your imagination to create a picture of it. Cream cheese filling with an icing around the red velvet cake. It was so good!

Where to get unique baked goods: Lulu Cake Boutique– 112 8th Ave.

NYC, you do sweets well my friend.