It’s amazing that after all that bread and all those sweets, we managed to squeeze in actual meals.

We focused our reservations on brunch, because how can you go to New York City and not brunch? It’s the quintessential city meal. In a city that never sleeps, the first meal of the day seems to fall around noon.

Sex and the City did it best– great friends catching up about each other’s lives over a midday meal with plentiful coffee refills (and puns in the SATC case). We brunched at Balthazar and The Place– both great in their own respect.

Where to go for a big NYC brunch: Balthazar– 80 Spring St.

Balthazar is like a brasserie straight from the streets of Paris. It’s crowded and rightfully so. Named one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World by Restaurant Magazine will do that to a place.

I ordered the eggs in puff pastry with asparagus. It was the best asparagus and eggs I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. Were those asparagus blanched? Steamed? They were heavenly.

Where to get a quieter brunch: The Place– 310 West 4th St.

Our second brunch location was a completely different atmosphere– quieter, with an amazing soundtrack (Adele and Ray LaMontagne). It was nice to relax and take in the quainter restaurant. They serve mini corn muffins with brunch which I wish weren’t mini.

My egg white omelet with goat cheese and spinach was delicious. The home fries were not my favorite (lots of onions and peppers) but thankfully my companions were more than willing to share their french fries. Those were perfection.

The other two meals I wish I had photographed for you were our falafel and pizza finds. I guess you’ll just have to go try them yourself.

Where to get falafel and smoothies: Taim– 222 Waverly Place

Where to get (amazing, unique, delicious) pizza: Artichoke Basille’s Pizza-114 10th Ave.

And thus my NYC food series is concluded. I cannot wait to go back!