If you’re still trying to decide upon the perfect gift, look no further. I love giving homemade gifts, but unfortunately not everyone enjoys my craft of the moment. You really can’t go wrong with photos– but a framed photo is so 1995. Nowadays we have iPhoto.

I began my obsession with photo keepsakes in 2007. I gave calendars to my mom and college roommates for Christmas. Not only were they great gifts, I also had a blast making them.

My mom enjoys the calendars so much that it’s become a tradition. There are different templates, and the layout decisions are customizable to the number of photos you wish to showcase. So every year, she can get a different one.

When I traveled to Boston for the half marathon in October, I gave my host a photobook from our summer trip to Europe. I discovered what a nice keepsake it makes for a trip and I’m determined to make one for every big adventure I embark on. Like the calendars, the photobooks have even more options: hard cover, soft cover, size, number of pages, theme, etc. Here’s a few snippets of mine:

Consider creating an iPhoto keepsake for the holidays! They’re affordable and create a gift that lasts.