Yesterday, my mom and I headed to the Viking Cooking School for a Gingerbread House Workshop. Every year, I attempt to make a gingerbread house. Usually they’re a complete disaster. Gumdrops running down the roof. Construction issues. Horrid piping. Here’s a sampling of the houses of Christmas past:

2006- Roof design failure leads to a smear of red icing. Right wall caving in. The thing on top front of the house is a “stained glass window”– in case you were wondering.2007- I’ve improved the roof slightly. Still not a level home. The front windows look like something from a Seuss book.

2009- The top features a lovely tire-like gumdrop display. If only real homes could purchase something so amazing. As you can see, I still cannot construct them. I probably used hot glue. But, I remember being impressed with the icicles and giving up on decorating the sides…

When I saw “workshop” I really thought we’d learn the secrets of construction and decorating. It turned out to just be a decorating free-for-all.

It was still extremely fun (and nice to leave the clean-up for somebody else.) The facility was absolutely beautiful.

My skills might not have improved much and we might have been the only decorators over the age of 8, but it was a blast. I think next time we’ll try an actual cooking class!