By this time tomorrow I’ll be in the midst of a 26.2 mile run. In case you were curious what running a marathon looks like, I’m pretty sure this is accurate:

I think I have everything important in order. I’ll be wearing CWX compression capris, lululemon (or UA…) t-shirt, Injinji socks, visor, and Mizunos. My playlist is only 3.2 hrs long but I’ve run out of music that doesn’t annoy me. Repeats will have to be in order because there’s no way I could finish in 3.2 hrs unless, as Maureen and I discussed, I steal an ostrich in Animal Kingdom to ride to the finish. If you see the news story, “Girl Rides Wild Animal to Photo-worthy Marathon Finish,” it’s me.

I’ll tweet the experience if you want to follow along. Curse you past Brenna for signing up for this thing!