This post is long overdue seeing as the line hit stores Sunday, February 5th. Reading my initial reaction to the lookbook, I am surprised to say that I kept none of those items. The pleated skirt in both floral and black looked extremely unflattering–as in potential for the dreaded question, “When’s the baby due?” The long sleeve blouses were too thin for my liking, a horrible pet peeve I have (I’m looking at you J. Crew tissue tees!). The clutch quality was lacking. The blue dress with stripes was way too full of a skirt. However, I did find two dresses that I love and a blouse I would love if there wasn’t one tiny little problem…

The dresses:

These are both very flattering dresses. I’ve also worn them to work. The white and black dress looks great with a chunky H&M black sweater over it. For spring, a colored sweater would look nice too. With the floral dress, I wore a J. Crew Herringbone Schoolboy Blazer and a pair of brown loafers.

The shirt:

This shirt looks great and once again, I need more work-appropriate clothing so another bow blouse was a win in my book. Until I was a work, bending down to pick up my pencil, reaching into a cabinet to get an envelope and POP! the snaps on my arms would open. Re-snapping your shirt in the middle of a meeting is not the professional impression I had in mind. I believe sewing it shut is in order.

Did you find anything in the Jason Wu for Target release?