This past Sunday, my friend Maureen and I ran the Sarasota Half Marathon. Even though the training was filled with running shoe woes and stomach bugs, we managed to pull out a personal best of 2:07:33.

The run itself was probably my favorite course so far. To begin, you run over St. Armand’s bridge which lends itself to gorgeous views of the bay. After a quick run around a circle of stores (the temptation to steal Starbucks from the cheering crowd’s hands was strong), you trek back over the bridge and onto a long strip of road. The out and back in masked by a return trip through the surrounding neighborhoods– filled with some gorgeous and extremely large homes. Several households grabbed lawn chairs and cheered on our fellow 3,000 runners.

It went by quickly. I hate to say it, but most of the time I was thinking, “At least it’s not 26.2!” The run was also improved by having a friend there. I forgot how much I missed pointing things out to someone (i.e., check out the guy dressed as Tarzan, how is a nine-year-old passing us).

There’s nothing better than accomplishing a goal! Here’s to the next one.